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Ron Puccini
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History: The Beacon, Established in 1946
In the spring of 1946 Giocomo Puccini, directly related to the composer, brought his young family and his wife to the small but busy area of Wasaga Beach. Looking for something to keep himself occupied after selling his baking business, Taylors Meat Pies of Toronto, Giocomo found a piece of property with a small main business and fifteen summer cabins, a little resort so to speak. As such the Beacon and its history had started. The Beacon meaning "night light", was known for its late night activity were people would come from miles around to mix and mingle, have a few dances and a small bite to eat. It eventually became so busy that it became to be the only place to be open 24hrs and always a crowd.
During the 50's and 60's, the Beacon and its dances were known throughout Ontario for great entertainment and hosted many popular acts such as Little Caesar, Grant Smith, The Manhattans, Jay Smith and The Majestics, The Counts; all great acts for their time.
As times started to change during the 70's, the Beacon became known as well for their burgers, home cooked lunches and an awesome breakfast. And the dancing and the bands, you say! What about that? "Well after 1am you couldn't get a seat and you just never knew who you would see".
The 80's and 90's brought along more changes. In 1982, the Beacon underwent renovations and became licensed.The Beacon still brings its patrons the best in food and entertainment, a great atmosphere and a place for the whole family to go.
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